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Server Information

Most settings in Old Mu is set as originally set in the classic version of the Mu Online back in 2003 (GMO). In addition to that, new features that we saw would help us accomplish our mission were created while other features were removed.

Check below all informations in full detail:

Speed Hack proof

The only true protection capable of putting a stop to Speed Hacks in Mu was implemented in the Old Mu. The protection is nothing more than distrusting the client, building up a truly authoritative server.

How It Works
1) A hacker/cheater will be able to "cheat" because no protection has been added to the client, but, once it starts our spotters will flag you and you will be disconnected.

Version (Season)

"Season 1 plus 6"

• No Shadow Phantom Soldier (buffy elf).
• No Summoner, No Rage Righter, No Grow Lancer.
• No Gens.

Simultaneous Connections

1 Account per IP.

The Old Mu community sees that being strict about it is the key for maintaining a classic hardcore healthy server.
• People in the same house/in lan houses may play together when logged in different channels.

UPDATED Experience Rate and Item Drop Rate

Experience Rate: 1x (for AFK players)
Item Drop Rate: 1% (for AFK players)
Multiple Items Drop Rate: 3%

(The Multiple Items Drop Rate is a new rate applied after the Item Drop Rate [when a monster drops a new item], giving everyone a base chance of dropping more than one item from the same monster).

"You feel blessed"

You feel blessed

"You feel blessed" (1) is an Exp and Item Drop buff designed to encourage MU players to play actively as much as possible in exchange for maximum Exp and Item Drop rate increases. Below you may find its description in details:
"Maximizes Exp rate increase" - Sets your Exp rate increase up to the maximum possible. The Exp rate increase is a modifier that usually comes from X-Shop's Seals, Rings and Pets.
"Maximizes item drop rate increase" - Sets your item drop rate increase up to the maximum possible. The item drop rate increase is a modifier that usually comes from X-Shop's Seals.
"DS,BC increments time by 45min" - Attending Blood Castle or Devil Square to the end will add 45 minutes to your current buff's Duration.

You feel blessed
You get the buff by talking to a Guard and getting him to "pray" for you.

"You feel blessed" Regulations
1) Each Character Class may only talk to Guards from his own hometown.
2) You may offer Zen to a Guard to receive greater Duration when available for your "You feel blessed" Stage (check stages below). Though the offering is not mandatory, your buff will last 15 minutes only if you don't do it.

"You feel blessed" Stages
1) Level 001 ~ 220: 15 minutes (w/ offering).
2) Level 221 ~ 380: 15 minutes (w/o offering), 30 minutes (w/ offering).
3) Level 381 ~ 420: 15 minutes (w/o offering), 45 minutes (w/ offering).
4) Level 421 ~ 480: 15 minutes (w/o offering), 60 minutes (w/ offering).
5) Level 481 ~ 540: 15 minutes (w/o offering), 75 minutes (w/ offering).
6) Level 541 ~ 600: 15 minutes (w/o offering), 90 minutes (w/ offering).

"You feel blessed" Offering
1) Your offer amount will follow this basic formula: (your level)*(your level).
Examples: when you're level 50, your offering will be 2500 Zens; But, when you're 300, it'll be 90000 Zens.
2) The offer is made automatically when you have it available in your inventory after talking to a Guard.

"You feel blessed" Special
• Increases the drop quantity of Multiple Items Drop Rate up to by 300%. Does not apply when AFK.

The Storm

A storm is coming... The diabolic Kundun casted a powerful ancient curse upon the Old CONTINENT of LEGEND and now these powerful and destructive storms comes endlessly once a week.

• Once it comes, the storm decreases by 1 the level of all excellent items, all ancient items, all reinforced items (Jewel of Harmony), all socket items (LaCleon), all items with the Lv380 Option (PvP) and all wings in the game.

The Storm

When does it comes? You can find a prediction in game. While connected, press S to open the Storm panel and you'll read:
The Storm
The date represents when the Storm is known to come, however, it could be changed according to the week's course of events.

When it comes, we all will be sent to the Select Server's Screen while we wait for the storm to pass.
The Storm

Reborn and Passive Skills

A reborn is a reset in exchange for a Passive Skill.

Reborn Regulations
1) The reborn is not forced (you may or may not do it, it's your choice).
2) The reborn is not instantly. All reborns are done when a storm comes.
3) A storm reborns characters over level 100, not wearing any equipment by the time it comes.
4) A reborn resets only your characters's experience, level, level points, stats and skills, however, level points from quest accomplishments and fruits are available immediately after reborning.
5) A character may reborn as many times as wanted.

You can type /reborn in game to activate or deactivate your character reborning. The command may produce 2 possible outcomes:
Active means your character will reborn when a storm comes.
Canceled means your character will no longer reborn when a storm comes.

A Passive Skill is a skill that add bonuses to your Character. You can type /passives to check the list of your current Passive Skills. The command may produce 2 possible outcomes:
• You have no Passive Skill
Passive Skill
• A list of your Passive Skills, for example:
Passive Skill

Passive Skills Regulations
1) Your 1st reborn will give you one random Passive Skill.
2) Your 2nd reborn will add you your second random Passive Skill.
3) Your 3rd reborn forward will reroll your two Passive Skills randomly.
4) A character have only two Passive Skills slots.
5) Your reborn level will tell how big your Passive Skills bonus will be. The reborn level is the average of your levels at reborn. For example: let's say you did your first reborn at level 300, so, your reborn level is 300 (300 / 1). Now, let's say you did your second reborn at level 100, so, your reborn level decreased to 200 (400 / 2).

Passive Skills
+(bonus)% chance for a weapon to drop +Skill
Min. 80% (reborn level 100) | Max. 500% (reborn level 600)
Passive Skill
+(bonus)% chance for an item to drop +Option
Min. 80% (reborn level 100) | Max. 500% (reborn level 600)
Passive Skill
+(bonus)% chance for an item to drop +Luck
Min. 80% (reborn level 100) | Max. 500% (reborn level 600)
Passive Skill
+(bonus)% rate to multiple items drop rate
Min. 80% (reborn level 100) | Max. 500% (reborn level 600)
Passive Skill
+(bonus)% chance to drop an excellent item
Min. 80% (reborn level 100) | Max. 500% (reborn level 600)
Passive Skill
+(0~[bonus])% to the level of a dropped item
Min. 4% (reborn level 100) | Max. 50% (reborn level 600)
* This Passive Skill adds a bonus to the item drop level. On every item drop the game will draw a number between 0% ~ (your bonus)% and increment the original item drop level by it.
* Example: An item +5, with a 25% bonus (randomly), would drop +6.
Passive Skill
+(bonus)% chance to drop an item inside Land of Trials
Min. 50% (reborn level 100) | Max. 300% (reborn level 600)
+(bonus)% chance to drop an item inside LaCleon
Min. 50% (reborn level 100) | Max. 300% (reborn level 600)
+(bonus) to the drop rarity level
Min. 1 (reborn level 100) | Max. 10 (reborn level 600)
* This Passive Skill adds a bonus to item drop's rarity level which is the factor for chosing a monster's loot.
* Atlans's loot without this Passive Skill:
Passive Skill
* Atlans's loot with this Passive Skill at max.:
Passive Skill

Different Vaults

In the Old CONTINENT, the cities of Lorencia, Noria and Devias holds its own different vaults.

• Lorencia's Vault:

• Noria's Vault:

• Devias's Vault:

* Note that the items stored inside these vaults are not the same. Missing an item? Check all vaults.