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Welcome, we’re so glad you’re here!

by Admin
Welcome, we’re so glad you’re here!
Who Are We? We are an MU Online passionate community. We love everything about it, but, lately, the truth is that it's just hurting to watch what it go. We are players stressed by unfairness and pointless hours spent in front of a computer, but we are also amazed by its compromise and exciting adventure. And it occurred to me, MU's too good to let it fade, why don't we "travel in time" and re-do what we think was so wrongly done? Do it somehow differently. We are not here to judge Web's administration, but this is true, our minds are just way ahead of theirs. We believe that with an open-minded administration and good developing intentions, MU has potential to be a whole lot more than Web's allowing it to be. So we built this amazing website to mean we're serious and we also built, according to our skills, our own game server and became! We are far from perfect, but constantly seeking straightforwardness to our community.

What To Expect? You can expect to play an original and straightforward MU with its settings as equal as it was in the old MU Online. You can expect to be treated with respect and always be responded when you reach us for support. You can expect for your feedback/creative idea to be thoroughly examined, studied and, if agreed, brought into life. Our desire is to bring your best idea out of paper. You can expect to be asked for a donation on a monthly basis to pay for this project's expenses, and last but not least, you can expect our hard work.

This is and will be forever free! Don't waste your time elsewhere, register now.